It's time to get started on your outdoor environment.
Below are some things to think about when planning your landscape design with Afton Landscape Studio.

Determine if you have a particular landscape aesthetic. 
Do you like clean, formal lines?  Or are you inspired by more naturalistic gardens?  Perhaps you’re just looking for something beautiful but don’t have any particular style in mind?  Do you love certain plants?  Take pictures of landscapes that have caught your eye or collect ideas from books or magazines to share with your designer.

Determine the functional needs of your space. 
Do you want an area to entertain?  How many people do you want to accommodate?  Maybe you need a play area for your children or pets?  Is an outdoor oasis for personal after work relaxation in your dreams?  Think about any uses you foresee for your landscape and discuss these ideas with your designer.

Decide if you want to implement your vision all at once
or if you’d like to approach it in phases. 
For budgetary, time, or life-phase reasons you may want to phase installation of your landscape design.  Having a well thought out and designed master plan can be an invaluable tool for planning and implementing your vision while also eliminating re-dos that will cost you additional time and money.  Your designer can help you create a phased implementation plan to meet your goals.

Determine your project budget. 
Landscape projects are a worthwhile investment for adding value to your home as well as creating additional enjoyable space for your family and friends.  Not only can it add actual value, but it can also help in setting your property apart from others whenever to time comes to sell your home.  No matter how much value it adds, though, you likely have a budget in mind.  Setting a realistic budget is tricky and can be affected tremendously by small details such as the type of hardscape material you choose or the species of plants you select.  There are many ideas a designer can give you to minimize costs so that your goals can be met within your budget.  Think through your priorities before you meet with a designer and they can assist you in creating or evaluating your budget.


A well-designed landscape will enrich your life with beauty as well as functional spaces to meet your needs.  We look forward to the opportunity to use our creativity, knowledge and experience to help you make your landscape goals a reality.  Contact Afton Landscape Studio through email or call 434-760-2908 and let’s get going!